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Thank You

Thank You

Thank you for your order. We accept Zelle, Cash App, Western Union, Direct Bank Transfer & Cryptocurrency.

How to Make Your Payment:


Step 1: Register with Zelle

  1. Visit the following page. If you have a checking account with one of the participating banks select it and complete the registration process: https://register.zellepay.com/
  2. If you do not have a checking account with one of the participating banks download the Zelle mobile app and use your debit card or checking account to register:

Step 2: How to Pay with ZellePay

  1. Ensure you are registered with ZellePay. Select P2P (Zelle) as the payment method on checkout.
    • Depending on your financial institution monthly and daily transaction limits may apply, usually around $1000/day.
  2. Open ZellePay from your bank or mobile app, select Send Money and enter the following phone number as the recipient:
    Email: admin@singularbiotech.com

    • If you are asked for a recipient name or email enter the following:
      First Name: SING
      Last Name: BIO
      Phone: 310.866.9100
    • If it says the account owner has a different name, that’s OK, use that name instead as the recipient name.
    • If payment does not go through try entering our second email address as the recipient:
      Email: info@gobigla.com
      First Name: SING
      Last Name: BIO
    • The phone number and emails listed above may change in the future. Confirm on this page before making any future payment.
  3. Enter the exact order total as the payment amount:
  4. Select Add a Memo/Message and enter your order number from above!
    Example: 44789
  5. Send Payment and confirm your payment was successful.
  6. Send an email to admin@singularbiotech.com to confirm your payment including “Zelle Order #(find invoice# above)” in the subject line. If the payer name does not match the billing name, please provide it in the email body.
  7. It can take 1-3 business days to process payment, on confirmation we will ship your order.

Is Zelle Pay Secure? Yes!

Whether you are utilizing the Zelle App or ZellePay interface through your bank your information is secure. Zelle utilizes the highest standard of encryption, authentication and monitoring technology to ensure payments are secure.

Learn more about Zelle Pay

Cash App

Works like a debit card and funds purchases from your bank account like a wire transfer.

Payments to:

Corey Wade

Memo suggestions for your Cash App purchase –
Enter the Invoice number from above so we know your order!

Western Union

Sells the service of money transfers sent to any bank account by Routing & Account numbers; the same as a debit card or check.

Bank name: Chase
Account: 522389011
Routing: 322271627

Western Union® uses your credit or debit card to transfer to our bank account. DO NOT send $cash for pickup in person. Thank you.

Bank Transfers

Direct payment without using a debit card or writing a check. These are rare now because Zelle and have partnered with most banks to provide a higher level of security.

Your online banking TRANSFER section will guide you through this form of direct payment. Just a few years ago it was simple – use the routing & account number to send payment.
NEVER DO A WIRE TRANSFER! Use regular transfers only. Wire transfers cost the sender about $35 and the recipient $15. Why pay $50 (your cost and mine) for a $100 order?! Wiring money is only for people in emergencies, not for purchase of goods. Please notate your invoice # (found above) in the memo!

Account: 522389011
Routing: 322271627


We accept a broad range of CryptoCurrency through Coinbase. These payments can be processed online through the checkout process (previous screen). If you prefer to make payment this way, please place a new order and choose CoinBase as payment.

We will start processing your order after payment & will be sending tracking information after shipment. If you have any issues, sending payment please email admin@singularbiotech.com